Show & Clinic Info


2021 Show Dates, Venues and Judges:

Our show committee is already hard at work planning 2021. If you’d like to have input on this year’s shows or have a suggestion to make this year even better than last, please email the club at:

General Show Rules: 
USDF/USEF 2019 dressage tests will be used.  Classes offered will include Dressage, Western Dressage, and Eventing Dressage.  Each show will a Feature class offered only at that show.  Tack and equipment must follow USEF guidelines.  Rules can be found online at  Decisions of the show manager are final.  Riders should be neatly attired (no T-shirts or tank tops).  Breeches, jodhpurs, or riding pants may be worn.  Boots with heels must be worn.  All riders are required to wear helmets when mounted.  Classes will all run consecutively – that is, the show will start with Intro and all Intro entrants will ride before the show moves on to Training.There is no coaching during the tests.
While these shows are schooling shows, one of our objectives is to prepare horses and riders for recognized shows. In accordance with rules at recognized shows, there will be no coaching riders during their test. We welcome riders to have their trainer/instructor work with them during their warm up but all coaching must cease with the judge’s bell. Coaching during a test is grounds for elimination for the rider.

Courtesy and Sportsmanship are expected and required from all participants and volunteers at NWADC functions.

Show Champion and Reserve Champion will be awarded at each level (Intro, Training, First, and Second+) for Junior and Adult divisions with a minimum of 3 participants at that level and division.  Placings are determined by 2 highest scores in the level and division.  Champion will be awarded to the highest score and Reserve Champion will be awarded to the second highest score.  Champion and Reserve Champion will be 2 different horse/rider combinations.  In the case, of the same horse/rider combination having the highest 2 scores, the next highest score by a different horse/rider combination will be awarded reserve champion.  The decision of show management is final.

See the Awards page for this year’s High Point rules.  New this year, member barn shows included in the point tallies.


Tests are available at USEF Dressage Tests

Western Dressage riders are more than welcome to participate in our shows! USEF/WDAA western dressage tests will be used and as per the USEF rules, gaited horses may participate in the western dressage tests and preform their gait in place of the jog. Please refer here: USEF Western Dressage Tests

Gaited Dressage:  will use the USEF/WDAA western dressage tests.

NWADC Walk only test (there is one test, it may be performed with or without assistance).  Beginner Dressage Test Walk Test 1 2011

Prix Caprilli both-prix-caprilli-tests.doc  **Be aware that Prix Caprilli II jump heights will be 2ft.  Prix Caprilli I will remain cross rails.

Braiding Tips courtesy of Doris Dalton:  show-braiding-tips

A Judge’s Pet Peeves courtesy of Janet “Dolly” Hannon:  Judges Pet Peeves DHannon

Dressage Test Riding Tips:  The Unwritten Rules of Dressage Test Riding